Assist. Professor @ İzmir Democracy University Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Co-Founder at @ZoiData

Works on Image Processing Application especially on Marketing AI!

Research Interests:

Statistical Learning Theory, Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Sales Prediction, Customer Segmentation, Real-time Bidding


  • I had the honor of presenting on ‘AI Predicting Legal Risks’ at the 19th MIHBIR Meeting organized by the Turkish Association of Civil Procedure and Enforcement Bankruptcy Lawyers. I’m proud to be the first engineer to take part in these meetings, marking a significant milestone.
  • As part of the TEYDEB 1507 program, we are pleased to announce our project, “Completion of Outfit Combination Based Recommendation System” has been accepted. 🚀 Our aim is to make a significant impact on the fashion industry over the next 18 months by developing innovative solutions. 🌟
  • We are delighted to announce that our latest project, ‘Development of a Clothing Recommendation System Based on Visual Search,’ has been approved for funding by KOSGEB’s R&D, Product Development, and Innovation Support Program. This exciting initiative aims to revolutionize the way consumers search for clothing online by leveraging cutting-edge visual search technology (link).
  • We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our TEYDEB 1507 project, titled “Cloud-Based Product Tagging via Image. (link)”
  • We’re delighted to share that our latest research, “Automatic Assessment of Student Rhythmic Pattern Imitation Performances,” has been published in the journal Digital Signal Processing (link).