EEE311 ML Project

Introduction to Machine Learning: Project Instruction Page

Theme: Fashion and Machine Learning

Example Project Titles:

  1. Fashion Recommendation System
  2. Fabric Pattern Recognition and Generation
  3. Color Palette Generator for Outfit Coordination
  4. Fashion Forecast: Predicting Trends with ML
  5. Style Transfer for Fashion Design
  6. The Style Matrix: Deep Learning for Outfit Generation
  7. ML Couture: Automated Design Creation

Collaboration Policy:

Each project should be completed in groups of three students. Depending on the enrollment, some exceptions may be allowed. Students without a team will be randomly assigned to one.


  • Proposal: 3%
  • Blog posts: 5%
  • GitHub commits: 4%
  • Progress report: 5%
  • Presentation: 8%
  • Final report and code: 10%

Project Proposal:

📅Due: 23 October 2023

Groups should submit a half-page project proposal outlining:

  • The research topic,
  • The intended data source(s),
  • A list of related papers.

Blog posts/GitHub commits:

Groups must maintain a blog, post at least weekly. A GitHub repository (viewable to the instructor) must also be maintained. Commit frequency will impact grades.

Progress Report:

📅Due: 27 November 2023

The 3-4 pages long report should describe:

  • The addressed problem,
  • Related work,
  • Employed methodology,
  • Experimental evaluation and any preliminary results.

Project Presentations:

📅Due: 25-28 December 2023 (in class) Groups will present their work (~8 mins each) following the suggested outline.

Final Report:

📅Due: 8 January 2024 (11:59pm) The 6-8 pages long final report should be structured as a research paper, graded based on clarity and technical content, and prepared using the style files provided.

Submission Details:

All submissions must be made through the designated submission platform before the deadline. Late submissions will incur penalties.

Important Notes:

  • Adherence to the project theme is mandatory. Diverging projects must obtain approval.
  • Academic integrity is paramount. Any form of plagiarism will result in severe penalties.

It will be exciting to see what innovative solutions students will develop at the intersection of fashion and machine learning! 🤩👗👠💻🧠🎉